Sunday, 21 February 2010

Final shops and pub

These are the final, finished models for the pub, and the two shops. Yes, I cheated and just butchered the larger shop to make the smaller one, but isn't that what production is all about? ;)
I could have found a better, simpler way of making the shop fronts than extruding them constantly to create what I did, but it works, and it is in the process of being properly textured, which is all good!! :)

Furniture - COMPLEETED

As you can see, very simple furniture for a very simple pub interior. :) Dead pleased with the way it's all turned out and fits in to my floor plan. I could have done the square tables a little better, but that's the simplest I could make them to cut down on polys. For added smoothness, really. They didn't need to be incredibly detailled, as they are in a poor person's pub, which made my life a little easier, in that respect. All in all, quite enjoyable to make!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pub Furniture

So, pooling together all my research images for pub furnishings, I have created some standard pub tables, chairs, stools and a bar area.
They're all coloured in to make me feel a bit better about them. :)

Very quickly photoshopped for reference whilst modeling, this is the final outcome of those drawings.

The L-shaped bar - using my own knowledge of pub furnishings, and various google image results for generic looking bar areas, this is what sprouted. Plain, simple, and made of wood. Not too fancy, as this is not a fancy-man's pub.
These tables and chairs, I had imagined to form a set of sorts, so they had to be very similar to each other. I ended up using an image of a table and two chairs posted previously (will edit it in later), as they pretty much spot on hit what I wanted to create, so the design is very much based on them. Simple, sturdy, possibly uncomfortable, but after a few pints you won't notice so much.
The bar stools! :) These were quite fun to do, actually. Its a generic stool. :) Round topped, long legged and has braces. Not much to say about it really. It's just a stool.

Round table, to match round chairs. Surprisingly difficult to do accurately - had to resort to rounded rectangles to get the shapes correct.

Modeled images in next post.

Friday, 12 February 2010

London Photo Spree!

As a group, we went up to London to get a load of reference photos from the city itself, including texture ideas, arch designs, ironwork, pub fronts, and the like.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shop Numero Uno

So this is the two out of three visible sides for the largest shop, that was originally two shops, but it made more sense to amalgamate the two into one retail being, and use the space in a better way.

I have yet to add in window spaces in the top two floors, but when I steal all the windows off Dean to put in there, it won't be a problem. :)
The downstairs windows are large for the displays.

And a random apple I made that may well end up on the market stall. Using a random texture from google. :)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Pub Furnishings

As our lovely gentleman will be heading into the pub, today I'm focusing on furnishing the inside, now that the outside is complete.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stall and Pub

Going to work on the shops under my jurisdiction tomorrow, but today, I'm finishing up the pub (name still in debate) and the market stall for our street! :)

I'm going to have some blendshapes set to make the nCloth thing that's happening with the market stall tarp work properly, so it looks a bit more realistic than some horrible old, lifeless, straight polygons.
So far, it's coming along nicely! I've set out some containers for fruit, or veg, or other strange bits and pieces are you are likely to find in a market stall where people live.

At this precise moment, I'm debating: what to put in the containers; whether or not they should be loose or grouped; and what to do with the side I've left open.

And my pub, is coming along nicely! I have to add in another floor to the top to make it huuuuuge as pubs should be.
Only concentrated on two sides of it, as they will be the only sides we can see! Bless the built up land that is London.

Got to work on the interior later today - going to add an L-shaped bar area, stools, tables, chairs.
Not the best furniture either, as this is aimed more at the working/lower middle than anything else.