Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stall and Pub

Going to work on the shops under my jurisdiction tomorrow, but today, I'm finishing up the pub (name still in debate) and the market stall for our street! :)

I'm going to have some blendshapes set to make the nCloth thing that's happening with the market stall tarp work properly, so it looks a bit more realistic than some horrible old, lifeless, straight polygons.
So far, it's coming along nicely! I've set out some containers for fruit, or veg, or other strange bits and pieces are you are likely to find in a market stall where people live.

At this precise moment, I'm debating: what to put in the containers; whether or not they should be loose or grouped; and what to do with the side I've left open.

And my pub, is coming along nicely! I have to add in another floor to the top to make it huuuuuge as pubs should be.
Only concentrated on two sides of it, as they will be the only sides we can see! Bless the built up land that is London.

Got to work on the interior later today - going to add an L-shaped bar area, stools, tables, chairs.
Not the best furniture either, as this is aimed more at the working/lower middle than anything else.

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