Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pub Furniture

So, pooling together all my research images for pub furnishings, I have created some standard pub tables, chairs, stools and a bar area.
They're all coloured in to make me feel a bit better about them. :)

Very quickly photoshopped for reference whilst modeling, this is the final outcome of those drawings.

The L-shaped bar - using my own knowledge of pub furnishings, and various google image results for generic looking bar areas, this is what sprouted. Plain, simple, and made of wood. Not too fancy, as this is not a fancy-man's pub.
These tables and chairs, I had imagined to form a set of sorts, so they had to be very similar to each other. I ended up using an image of a table and two chairs posted previously (will edit it in later), as they pretty much spot on hit what I wanted to create, so the design is very much based on them. Simple, sturdy, possibly uncomfortable, but after a few pints you won't notice so much.
The bar stools! :) These were quite fun to do, actually. Its a generic stool. :) Round topped, long legged and has braces. Not much to say about it really. It's just a stool.

Round table, to match round chairs. Surprisingly difficult to do accurately - had to resort to rounded rectangles to get the shapes correct.

Modeled images in next post.

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